Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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Bay's Chapel Cemetery
Montgomery County, Texas

Located in North West Montgomery County. From Conroe, take Hwy 105 West to Montgomery, Texas. Turn right on Hwy 149; continue to Bay's Chapel Road. Turn right: continue to Bay's Cemetery Rd. Turn right: The cemetery is on the left after a curve. There are 10 known Confederate Veterans at rest here.

Confederate Veterans That Rest Here

Baker, James D. 1828 01/15/1918 Pvt I 15th CSA Cavalry
Bay, James H. 11/26/1821 01/27/1884 Pvt B 17TX Texas Militia
Bay, James H. 10/11/1842 05/17/1905 Pvt I 20th Texas Infantry
Bay, Thomas B. 03/22/1831 7/19/1901 Pvt I 20th Texas Infantry
Bay, William H. 11/10/1815 08/10/1897 Pvt C 17TX Texas Militia
Caldwell, S. H. - - Pvt D 4th Texas Infantry
Caldwell, W. 03/10/1844 08/15/1897 Pvt - 17TX Texas Militia
Harman, Jonathan D. 08/16/1845 5/8/1932 Pvt F 5th South Carolina Cavalry
Hoke, Thomas W. 07/14/1841 10/27/1917 Pvt I 20th Texas Infantry
Rembert, W. E - - Pvt D 2nd Louisiana Infantry