Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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New Montgomery Cemetery
Montgomery, Texas

In the City of Montgomery, Texas, one block south of State Highway 105 on Old Plantersville Road, is the "New" Cemetery of Montgomery, Burial place of many honored Texans, including Republic of Texas veterans, Confederate Veterans and Dr. Charles B. Stuart, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, first Secretary of State and designer of the Texas Flag. The cemetery was founded December 1, 1868 to relieve Methodist Cemetery ("Old" Montgomery). First persons buried here on land donated by P. J. and R. S. Willis, were 3 men killed by vigilantes. There are 32 known Confederate Veterans at rest here.
Confederate Veterans That Rest Here

Veteran's Name Born Died Rank Co. Unit State Function
Addison, William S. 03/16/1828 09/28/1896 Pvt D 3rd Louisiana Cavalry
Berkely, William Henry 1844 1917 Pvt F 3rd Louisiana Infantry
Bobbitt, George R. 1839 1928 Pvt D, E 24th Texas Cavalry
Dacus, J. B. 09/27/1845 12/19/1892 Pvt - Scoggins Georgia L Artillery
Darwin, W. H. C. 05/03/1835 02/21/1894 Pvt A 24th Texas Cavalry
Dikeman, William K. 05/19/1834 07/04/1913 Sgt K 20th Texas Infantry
Evans, George B. 1847 1924 Pvt F 3rd Georgia Infantry
Ford, James 1840 - Pvt H 26th Texas Cavalry
Glover, John Allen 06/22/1827 08/27/1892 Pvt K 8th Texas Cavalry
Harper, James Randolph - - Lt Lt 6th Missouri Infantry
Harvell, David Crockett - - Pvt A 2nd North Carolina Cavalry
Hasty, Richard L. 11/11/1833 01/18/1912 Pvt H 17th Louisiana Infantry
Irion, J. L. 08/28/1828 05/14/1905 Lt F&S 20th Texas Infantry
Jackson, Henry F. 09/08/1821 06/06/1880 Capt - 3rd Alabama Reserves
Landrum, W. J. 08/10/1845 03/19/1927 Pvt H 4th Texas Infantry
McGaughey, J. C. 07/28/1830 4/19/1915 Sgt G 20th Texas Infantry
McGrew, William J. 1844 12/28/1868 Lt K 20th Texas Infantry
McKinney, Gilbert H. 1823 3/29/1905 1st Lt K Terry's Texas Cavalry
Mickler, William C. 07/19/1836 6/20/1916 Pvt A 33rd Alabama Infantry
Morris, James W. 01/13/1846 5/26/1905 Lt C 62nd Alabama Infantry
Nobles, Warren T. 05/31/1841 9/23/1915 Cpl G 20th Texas Infantry
Parsons, E. C. B 01/22/1834 03/28/1897 Pvt F 28th Texas Cavalry
Powell, Alfred A. 04/01/1832 1/14/1907 Pvt F 1st Mississippi L. Artillery
Price, Morgan L. 07/23/1846 7/23/1917 Pvt B 5th Texas Cavalry
Scott, Charles R. 1843 07/05/1940 Pvt A 7th Texas Cavalry
Scott, James J - - Cpl F 6th Georgia Infantry
Simonton, Reubin Davis 06/1844 06/10/1900 Sgt K 8th Texas Cavalry
Talley, Reuben 08/22/1830 07/01/1905 Pvt H 4th Texas Infantry
Williams, Frank J 1842 1888 Pvt - 17TX Texas Militia
Williams, Williamston 05/15/1817 10/19/1897 Pvt - 17TX Texas Militia
Williamson, John H. 11/03/1823 5/16/1905 Pvt C Terry's Texas Cavalry
Womack, Daniel Harrison 08/25/1840 12/14/1881 Pvt D 24th Texas Cavalry