Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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Henry Elmore

Henry Marshall Elmore
20th Texas Infantry

Henry Marshall and
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Elmore
Henry M. Elmore was from one of the oldest families in the South, his first American anscestor having arrived in Virginia in 1647. As was common in the new world, Elmore's anscestors moved West and South with each new generation. Elmore was born in Laurens County, South Carolina, son of General John Archer Elmore (soldier in the American Revolution, Virginia) and Mary Ann Martin Elmore. At an early age his family moved to Autauga County, Alabama (later named Elmore County honoring his father). Elmore received his education at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa). He held various positions of importance in the County of Macon (County Judge and served in the Alabama legislature). He was married to Elisabeth Fitzpatrick Harris on June 26, 1838. Following the advice of his brother who served in the Mexican American War, Elmore moved his own family to Walker County and was one of the founding fathers of Waverly, Texas. During the Civil War he was a Colonel and commanded the 20th Texas Infantry Regiment . His regiment was responible for protecting the coast of Texas between Galveston and Sabine Pass. The 20th Texas played a role in re-capture of Galveston. After the war, Elmore was one of the leading citizens in Walker County, donating land for the location of the Methodist Church, the Boys and Girls academies, and the Waverly Cemetery, where his is buried. Henry Marshall Elmore died July 9, 1905 in Walker County.