Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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Brigadier General, Thomas W. Blake
Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX
17th Texas Brigade
Texas State Troops (Militia)

The 17th Texas Brigade was one of 33 brigades of Texas State Troops (Militia) created by the new Texas Legislature after secession. The Texas militia had three tasks in the war—defense of the frontier against Indian and Mexican incursion, defense of the coast against Union invasion, and suppression of Union loyalists. The 17th Texas Brigade was made up of volunteers from, Grimes, Walker and Montgomery Counties. It included such units as Montgomery County Home Guard, the Danville Mounted Rifles and the Montgomery County Rifle Boys. Many of the members of the 17th would later serve in the regular Confederate Army primarily in Company K, 20th Texas Infantry, Elmore’s Regiment, Company B, 24th Regiment, Texas Cavalry Wilkes’ 2nd Texas Lancers and David Terry’s “Terry’s Texas Cavalry”. (not to be confused with the 8th Texas Cavalry-”Terry’s Texas Rangers”). Among the officers that served in the 17th, were Brigadier General, Thomas Walter Blake, Lt. Col. Israel Worsham, Major Augustus Richards.