Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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Brigadier General
Horace Randal
28th Regiment, Texas Cavalry

28th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late spring of 1862 by Colonel Horace Randal and consisted of with about 1,000 men.. The field officers were Colonels Eli H. Baxter and Horace Randal, Lieutenant Colonel Henry G. Hall, and Major Patrick Henry. It's members were primarily from the following counties: Company A Shelby, Company B Cherokee, Company C Panola, Company D Rusk, Smith & Wood, Company E Cherokee, Company F Harrison, Company G Anderson, Company H Freestone, Company I Company K Panola & Shelby, Company L Houston, Company M Polk. The unit traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana, in July 1862 where they remained until 18 July 1862. The soldiers then traveled northward and arrived in Austin, Arkansas, on 3 September 1862. By late September the unit was dismounted (i.e. the unit was converted to infantry). The 28th Texas Cavalry was dismounted because of a surplus of cavalry units in Arkansas and because of a lack of forage for the horses. The men refused to call themselves "infantry" instead preferring the term "dismounted cavalry" as though it were a temporary condition. Much to the disappointment of the men, the 28th Texas was never remounted. In September 1863, the unit was brigaded with the 11th Texas Infantry, the 14th Texas Infantry, the 15th Texas Infantry, and the 6th Texas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted). Randal was promoted to Brigadier General and became commander of this brigade. At this time Colonel Eli H. Baxter, Jr. became commander of the 28th Texas regiment. The unit spent the entire war in the Trans-Mississippi and campaigned extensively in Arkansas and Louisiana and was active in some hard fighting at Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Jenkins' Ferry where Horace Randall was mortally wounded and died on May 2, 1864. The 28th Texas Cavalry was disbanded in Austin, Texas in May 1865.