Sons of Confederate Veterans - Camp 1479 - Conroe, Texas - Granbury's Texas Brigade
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Lt. General
John B. Hood
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J. T. Hunter
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4th Texas Infantry Regiment

The 4th Texas regiment was mustered into service during October, 1861, under the Command of Colonel John Bell Hood and brigaded with the 1st and 5th Texas Infantry to become "Hood's Texas Brigade". When Hood was promoted to Brigadier General the rigement was placed under the the command of Lt. Colonel Benjamin F. Carter. The regiment distinguished itself during the fighting of the spring and summer of 1862. The 4th Texas was involved in over 50 engagements. One of the most well known being the struggle in the Cornfields at the battle of Antietam. Here, outnumbered by more than two-to-one odds they held their ground. In July of 1863, the regiment fought in the battle of Gettysburg. on July 2, 1863, the Fourth Texas participated in the attack against the Union left flank and in the fighting for Little Round Top, losing 140 men (twenty-five killed, fifty-seven wounded, and fifty-eight captured), including Lieutenant Colonel Carter, who was mortally wounded and captured there. The regiment was also involved in the battle of Chickamauga, the siege of Chattanooga, and in the Wilderness Campaign.

Company H of the 4th Texas Infantry was organized at Red Top, Grimes County, Texas, May 7th. 1861, and was made up of members from Montgomery, Grimes, and Walker Counties, electing its officers from each county as follows: -- Capt. P. P. Porter from Montgomery Co.,1st. Lieut. James T. Hunter from Walker Co., 2nd. Lieut. Thos. M. Owens from Grimes Co. When Captain Porter was killed at the battle of Gains Mill in 1862, J. T. Hunter was promoted to Captain and took command of the Company for the rest of the war. Company H left Texas for Virginia in 1861 with one hundred and five (105) men; during the war there was added to original company thirty eight (38) recruits and two (2) substitutes making a total membership of 145 soldiers. Captain Hunter and his Company H surrendered at Appomattox with 11 men -- rank and file.